Hi, I’m val

What’s the boldest question you can ask yourself right now?

What’s going on in your world?

Can you feel the tingle of Life living your body in this moment?

Are you consciously aware of this moment? Of yourself in it?

Someone went to sleep last night, and didn’t get to wake up this morning.

How long is it since you stopped, got present with your existence, and were simply grateful that Life still lives you?

I invite you to stop for 3 breaths, right now, and be really present with yourself..

Did you do it?

Now that you’ve paused and spent a moment being present with what just is

let’s talk about

consciousness exploration,
inner awakening,
life transformation,
living into purpose,


Come into a powerful conversation with Me. About you.

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Your expansion, your growth, your freedom of self expression, your self realisation, are all ways that Life wants to show up in You and as You.

I stand for your exploration and expansion of your consciousness, your self realisation, and your discovering and embracing your beautiful powerful truth.

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"Val truly does hold a sacred space for me to feel free to unburden my woes and find connection with my inner self. She has helped me to explore and remember inner resources that I possess though haven’t been utilising. I appreciate Val’s honesty and preparedness to be open to whatever emerges."

"Val is friendly, down to earth, and grounded in her special practice of coaching. It has been a pleasure having this communication with Val. She has been very open, and our engagement has been easy and enjoyable. I deeply appreciate all the help & guidance that I’ve received. I’d recommend Val’s service to anyone who is serious about self-development, making positive change in their lives, or wanting to expand their horizons either personally, spiritually or professionally."

"Val has been heaven sent for me during an intense period of grief and loss when my brother suddenly passed recently. I was vaguely lost, alone in my sadness with an unexpected lack of helpful support, unfortunately the very people I automatically thought to support me through such an experience (family) were themselves reeling in shock, so a nudge from a friend linked me to Val."

"The best things about working with Val is her positivity, approach, guidance and teaching me about self-love. She is so easy to talk to and has a beautiful calm nature. I love her positive messages of support and that she gave me challenges, tasks and tools to change my mindset and lift my spirits."

Who is Val anyway?

There’s a thousand ways to answer that. I am a time & space adventurer, just like you. And I’ve got a few cool skills to share. Here are the ways we can work together, or you can get to know me by reading more…