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Loss To Suicide Can Be A Catalyst For Your Transformation
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Are You Struggling To "Be" In The World Again After Losing Someone To Suicide?

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The Wound Is The Place The Light Enters You

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With 20+ years of intentional living and healing following multiple family suicides, I hold powerful healing space for other women who find themselves on this life changing journey.

Healing Suicide Grief

When we lose a loved one to suicide, we embark on a journey of grieving and growing, as we learn to live with our loved one’s decision.

There are inner and outer actions we can take to cultivate some peace on this journey.

Rewilding Coaching

Bringing conscious awareness to the grief. Allowing intuition to guide your healing and growth. Walk with me in a guided exploration of who you are becoming.

Loss to suicide can be a powerful catalyst for your deepest transformation.

Why I Do This Work

I have traveled my own journey of healing the heartbreak of losing four family members to suicide. I now live a successful, connected, conscious, trusting, powerful life.

My mission and purpose is to help others find and embody this deep level of peace and live a beautiful life in spite of, or even because of, the grief of suicide.


“Val has been absolutely heaven sent for me during an intense period of grief and loss when my brother suddenly passed recently.”

JC, Sydney, Australia

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