I’m Val

What’s the boldest question
you can ask yourself right now?

What's going on in your world?

Can you feel the tingle of Life living your body in this moment?

Are you consciously aware of this moment? Of yourself in it?

Someone went to sleep last night, and didn’t get to wake up this morning.

How long is it since you stopped, got present with your existence, and were simply grateful that Life still lives you?

I invite you to stop for 3 breaths, right now, and be really present with yourself..


Did you do it?

Now that you’ve paused and spent a moment being present with what just is

let’s talk about

consciousness exploration,
inner awakening,
life transformation,
living into purpose,
self expression,
self realisation.


Come Into A Powerful Conversation With Me. About You.

life coaching

Come into an online video call with me. We’ll have an hour or 2 together. YOU get to be the topic of our entire call. Use the button above or below to get to my scheduler.

Your expansion, your growth, your freedom of self expression, your self realisation, are all ways that Life wants to show up in You and as You.

I stand for your exploration and expansion of your consciousness, your self realisation, and your discovering and embracing your beautiful powerful truth.  

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“I trust Val and my belief in myself grows with each session, she really knows her stuff. Sometimes the work is challenging, but it’s also exhilarating for me! She tailors what she does to suit me, she meets me where I’m at.  SC, Cairns – see more Client Love here

Who Is Val Anyway?

There’s a thousand ways to answer that. I am a time & space adventurer, just like you. And I’ve got a few cool skills to share. Here are the ways we can work together, or you can get to know me on this page.

Expansion Coaching

Deep listening + powerful enquiry + being solidly in your corner + calling forth the best of you. This is how I Be on your coaching journey.


These are some of the other things I get up to with clients, friends, entrepreneurs, nature, and Life. All sorts of fun and expansion goes on .