Expansion Coaching

Powerful Coaching To Support Positive Lasting Life Change

Change Is A Gift From Life

There is one thing we can all be sure of: change on one level or another is inevitable. 

We can be buffeted around unwillingly by change. Or we can lean into it, develop trust in ourselves and in life, and grow through change with intention and direction.

Struggling alone with change – whether it’s arrived without warning at your door, or been called into your life by you – is not necessary. Having a coach or someone who can hold the space for you while you do the inner work of making change positive, powerful, and lasting for yourself, makes your journey of growth easier, faster, more thorough, and even fun.

Come into a free Deep Dive Session with me and gain some insight and relief.


your genius and your deepest dreams. Be listened to and witnessed in a sacred space held for You.


with the truth of your Being. Deep questioning to open your perspectives and your possibilities.


your power to fulfil your desires and be in the drivers seat of your life. Reclaim your energy to live with purpose.

Once you decide to take the journey of reconnecting to your TRUE self and your REAL power, you’ll become in touch with who you are so authentically, and expressing yourself so coherently that the changes you experience will flow into every aspect of your life. 

Life Coaching for mature entrepreneur women

We often arrive at points in life where things seem to have lost meaning or forward momentum. I work with people who are ready to make big positive inner changes and life-changing growth. 

You have a wealth of knowledge inside you, along with every answer you will ever need. Expansion Life Coaching is a powerful tool to assist and support you in reconnecting with your power and making your life fulfilling and exciting.

Deep listening and powerful enquiry by a coach and fellow human who is solidly in your corner and calling forth the best of you is a hugely impactful experience. This can open doors you never knew existed for you. Life isn’t meant to be lived in struggle, or alone. 

Those deep desires you have, the real power waiting inside you, the life you actually want, are all available to you, if you’re ready to get real with yourself. 

Val is friendly, down to earth, and grounded in her special practice of coaching. It has been a pleasure having this communication with Val. She has been very open, and our engagement has been easy and enjoyable. I deeply appreciate all the help & guidance that I’ve received. I’d recommend Val’s service to anyone who is serious about self-development, making positive change in their lives, or wanting to expand their horizons either personally, spiritually or professionally. -SF, Sydney

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